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Evacuation Diagrams

Evacuation diagrams assist both regular and visiting building occupants to understand exit pathways and building firefighting facilities, as part of their preparation in the case of emergency events. Evacuation diagrams are a vital part of a building’s emergency plan and procedures, providing key aspects of the procedures in a visual way.

AS3745: Planning for emergencies in facilities gives additional guidance as to the content and structure of an evacuation diagram and AS4083: Planning for emergencies – Health care facilities provides further detail for emergency planning in the unique environments of hospitals, aged care facilities and the like.

Key factors in achieving clear, concise and compliant evacuation diagrams include:

  • Size of the diagram
  • Containing the minimum elements prescribed in AS3745
  • Identifying appropriate mounting locations for the diagrams
  • Ensuring the diagrams are mounted at the correct height
  • Ensuring the diagrams have the correct orientation

Safety and Fire Education, part of the Safe24/7 Group Pty Ltd, has considerable experience in emergency planning and can guide you every step of the way from preparing emergency procedures and diagrams through to staff training and education.

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